Why AS9100-D and ISO9001:2015?

Jetool achieved the aerospace quality system; AS9100 Rev. B certification in 2010, and is currently certified to AS9100 Rev D.  Jetool also maintains ISO9001:2015 certification.   Why both?   At Jetool, and in our main industry (aerospace),  the minimum, or status quo is not enough.  Our customers expect and get more.

After some introspection of who we are, definition of our Core Values (two of which are Growth and Integrity) , and after looking to our customers and the opportunities they are chasing, we committed to getting certified to AS9100 Rev D. and ISO 9001:2015 in order to bridge the gap and meet the distinct needs of both our Aerospace customers and our beloved non-aerospace customers.  Many of our OEMs and defense customers recognize ISO as their industry standard, while aerospace defends an “ISO plus” or an “ISO on steroids” expectation when it comes to quality systems.

Both systems ensure predictable quality, traceability, and efficiency. Our certification to both standards marks a proactive, lean forward approach to improving our systems, in a way that will meet our customer’s needs and requirements.  We are leaning forward in other ways such as the move towards CMMC from NIST compliance, and in our continued commitment to uphold ITAR, EAR, and DPAS requirements in support of the protected nature of the projects we work on.