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2 Questions To Unlock Better Pricing, and Lead Times From Vendors

Each purchaser has their own set of tasks, duties and deliverables that are unique to the company they work for.  So what then could be two universally applied golden questions to ask parts vendors? What two questions could unlock better pricing, reduced lead times, and greater relationships? A clue… It’s not about certifications or capabilities. …
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4 Reasons To Outsource Your Machined Parts

Producing custom machined metal & plastic parts with consistently high quality, quick turnaround, and competitive pricing requires a full team of experts.  In some cases, a large OEM could buy lots of specialty equipment and allocate a large amount of resources to create and payroll this kind of team, but even then, the work can…
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Which Metal Alloy or Resin is Right? – 5 Considerations

Which metal alloy or plastic is best??? How do I know what materials I need? Not everyone is a metals or plastics expert and good news is that not everyone needs to be. The key to knowing which material is right for your product lies in knowing the qualitative traits you need and want in…
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Outsourcing Product Assembly. Considering the 4Cs

Outsourcing Assembly. Considering the 4Cs It may be the right time to outsource your product assembly and manufacturing operations. But that doesn’t necessarily mean getting to that conclusion is easy or obvious. Identifying & weighing the various advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing manufacturing and assembly operations can be difficult for many Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)…
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Core Values

Are we a match?  At Jetool we care about providing On Time, On Spec, On Budget tools in a way that won’t compromise our Core Values of: Family & Community Workmanship Customer Service Open-mindedness Growth Integrity Family & Community –  We love to be involved and support our people, schools, and region. Workmanship – No button pushers…
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Why AS9100-D and ISO9001:2015?

Jetool achieved the aerospace quality system; AS9100 Rev. B certification in 2010, and is currently certified to AS9100 Rev D.  Jetool also maintains ISO9001:2015 certification.   Why both?   At Jetool, and in our main industry (aerospace),  the minimum, or status quo is not enough.  Our customers expect and get more. After some introspection of who we…
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