Jetool guarantees the "Best Total Solution" to your contract machining, fabrication, & certified welding needs. Count on Jetool to deliver your tools: On time, On spec, and On budget.

Our Niche: Manufacture & assembly of turn-key Aerospace GSE and Turbine Engine MRO tools, gages, fixtures, and stands.

Our Customer: GSE/MRO Tier 1 aerospace suppliers, such as Honeywell, GE, CFM, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls Royce and their affiliates such as Rhinestahl CTS.

Meet Your Team

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Jan Stoll

Manages AP, AR, insurances, HR, contracts, and legal requirements.
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Kelly Walker

Customer Support Specialist
Interacts with customers and communicates their needs within Jetool. Ensures we understand & support your needs, values, and the requirements of your marketplace. Communicates quotes to customers.
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Jon Kincaid

Quality & Compliance Manager
Ensures Jetool meets or exceeds customer, government, and industry quality and compliance standards including AS9100-D and ISO9001:2015 compliance. Communicates with customer on all quality matters.
Neil Bruff Jetool ENH

Neil Bruff

Production & Purchasing Manager
Continuously improves areas of operational efficiency, sourcing of raw materials, and effective scheduling internally and externally. Guarantees: the highest quality, lowest price, and the lowest lead time possible.
Team CMC

Production Team

Machinists & Fabricators
Our expert machinists and certified welders are masters of their crafts and enjoy tight-tolerance, high-precision work. Jetool machine operators are highly skilled, and are able to operate both manual and CNC machines.



Precision Machining, CNC turning & milling (3-D), Conventional turning & milling. Grinding (surface, I.D., O.D and jig) EDM wire cutting and die sinking

Large capacity: Boring mills (84"x 69"x 69") and Turning ( 54"x 54" max)

Certified Welding & Fabrication

Certified welder(s).  GTAW/TIG, GMAW/MIG, SMAW/ARC.  Steel, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium.  Metal bending and box/cabinet making.  Sheet Metal Shears & Brakes & Presses

Assembly, Packaging & Kitting

Contract assembly, Build-to-spec packaging, EXPORT packaging and custom kitting

Prototyping & Tool Design Support

We sync our experienced machinists and welders to support your design team in areas of R&D tooling and fixture design

Special Processes

Special processes and surface treatments such as Black Oxide, Anodize, Heat Treat, Passivation, and in-house painting, load testing, and QC inspection

Purchasers & Supplier Diversity Team

Welcome!  You are at the right place.  We are certified to AS9100-D and ISO9001:2015 quality standards and are a Woman Owned Small Business.  We are your partner in solving your most critical metal, plastic, composite, and wood, machining, certified welding, fabrication, and assembly problems.  We will help you to get your parts, ON TIME, ON SPEC, and ON BUDGET.  Are you ready to experience the predictability and ease of the Jetool Way?