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Jetool is a custom machining, fabrication and assembly partner that works with aerospace, defense, and niche manufacturers to provide tight tolerance, complex parts and assemblies in metal, plastic, composites, and wood. Founded as Chesaning MFG. Co., Inc. in 1963 and doing business as (DBA) Jetool since 1975, we are a time-tested quality and service leader.  Our core values are:

Family & Community -  We love to be involved and support our people, schools, and region.

Workmanship - No button pushers here. It's all about precision and attention to detail.

Customer Service - All our partners, internally and externally get our best effort and support.

Open-mindedness - We are a flexible partner and strive to flex and grow with our customers.

Growth - We believe in progress and strive to help our partners progress with us.

Trust - We do what we say, and deliver on time, on spec, and on budget.


We boast Michigan USA's best toolmakers, machinists and welders. Our parts are MADE in USA.  How do we compete with cheap parts and services from places like China?  Consistent with the Jetool's core values; We stay lean, and utilize technology to stay ahead. We offer better services, fast lead times, (no delays of parts due to ocean transit), and low minimum order quantities (no need to fill an ocean container each order).  Need international and export support? We have English, Spanish and Portuguese speakers and experience with export processes, and documentation.






After building up and selling a division called Bretco, (OEM for EDM cutting and die sinking machines), Don Brettrager purchased the assets of Jetool, an aerospace GSE and MRO tooling machine shop.  Chesaning Manufacturing Inc. began doing business as Jetool and ramped up the GSE/MRO tooling services. 


Founder Don Brettrager and his wife Patricia Brettrager retire and exit from Jetool in 2017. Their children, Tom, Jan, Dan and Ron, continue as shareholders and managers. Tom retires and exits company in 2018. 


Jetool management brings on Joel Soelberg as CEO and shareholder to grow operations and to target new emerging aero and space markets as well as allow exit of shareholders over time.  Dan B. exits company.  Up Up and Away!  Stay tuned for news and breakthroughs as we support the Michigan Launch Initiative and continue our legacy of quality GSE, MRO tools and equipment. 

For media and speaking inquiries please contact:

Joel Soelberg


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